Landfall from S
Be aware of the unmarked “Navergrund” approx. 0.8 nautical miles SE of Grenaa Marina. In order to pass the ground inside steer towards the light house of Grenaa Marina, course 355° - 360°rv.

Landfall from E
Steer towards the entrance of Grenaa Marina (marked with a red and green light house), course 240° - 295°rv.

Landfall from N
You are advised to pass E of the Chalkground. Grenaa Marina is navigable day and night as the entrance is equipped with a red and green light house.
Pay attention to sanding along the northern pier. Green buoy marks sandbank (2m) at northern pier. Ship traffic is advised to search towards the middle of the entrance.

Be aware of the ferries from the traffic harbour.

Landfall in Grenaa Marina
Berthing at floating bridges – at poles. The E pier is reserved for boats above 14 m – longitudinal.