Grenaa Marina

In the mid 80’s Grenaa Town Council decided to move the yachts from the northern part of the harbour and establish a new marina in the southern part of the harbour.

The marina was established by means of extending the Grenaa river now bounding the marina in the north. The piers towards east and south were established, after which the sand was sucked up in order to make the new harbour basins; the sand was used for land areas on the marina. Fibertex was used to hold on to the sand and later on the stones kept the sand in place.

Floating bridges like the present bridge 3 were moved from the traffic harbour after which the construction of the marina was finished. In the first season 1987 the marina consisted of the floating bridges, 1 portacabin for the harbour master, 2 toilet cabins and sand, sand and sand.

Furthermore, the Town Council had decided the marina to be managed by the users, and a fund was established with a board with a majority of users and 3 members assigned by the Town Council.

The idea was to let the fund take over the harbour, however it was not financially wise and a rental agreement was drawn up in which the burdens were divided between Grenaa Kommune (today Norddjurs Kommune) and the fund of Grenaa Marina.

In building activities of this dimension there is often a big difference between the ambitious plans and the final result. On the whole the installations by sea are according to plans whereas the plans by land could not be fulfilled, however in spite of this we believe that we have a beautiful marina capable of functioning to great delight of all amateur yachtsmen.